Our dearest Karam (T5c) reminded us today what could be learnt during the pandemic: school is actually a social learning space, and protecting your parents’ health is more important than being able to go to parties yourself. The audience was amazed by Karam’s use of humor and wit during his 5-minute impromptu speech. Karam’s final message in his prepared speech was to disconnect withour losing your connection, using the Truman Show (film) as a metaphor. We can all take this to heart. Thank you so much, Karam. Job well done!

The GNE Young Writers and Public Speaking Awards is an annual event consisting of two English language competitions for 16 to 20 year-olds in The Netherlands organised by NUFFIC (and in the past: the Genootschap Nederland Engeland). All students who are interested in giving a speech or writing an argumentative essay in English can enter these competitions in the years to come. You too!

Anelia, Ayrton, and the English Department at RLO