In november hebben de brugklassen, de ICT Klassen uit de bovenbouw en iedereen die mee wilde doen, hun probleemoplossend vermogen in kunnen zetten op leuke logische puzzels die ieder jaar in de Beverwedstrijd worden aangeboden. Er waren dit jaar vier leerlingen, Alex Offereins, Nick Hoek, Thijs Houben en Lenka Huang, die in de eerste ronde voldoende punten hebben gehaald om naar de finale door te kunnen gaan. Helaas zat de toetsweek van de derde periode een beetje in de weg voor de deelname aan deze finale. Alleen Lenka heeft van deze vier leerlingen meegedaan. Hieronder haar verslag.

Hi, my name is Lenka, and I am from MYP4b. I have participated in the Beverwedstrijd, which is a competition related to computer science, puzzles and logical thinking. The difference between regular test and this competition is that this competition is done on computers. You get multiple choice questions with colourful diagrams, always including something related to bevers like “Bever bakery has many options of cupcakes…” or “Bever Bart would like to travel to….” I originally thought the competition was going to be way too difficult, because it is in Dutch and I don’t speak Dutch very well Thankfully, that was not the case. The problems were not very complicated, and they often provide diagrams and examples, so I understood most of the questions. The competition consists of two rounds, and I was able to make it to the finals in Zwolle. I was very nervous (as expected) but everyone participating in the finals with me were very nice (and they were all nervous as well). After the competition, we received a lecture. It was in Dutch, so I did not understand much, except it was something related to bevers and radio waves. Overall, it was a valuable experience, and I hope in the future the problems will also be provided in English, so language does not become a barrier for non-Dutch speakers. If you are interested in doing a competition, I would definitely encourage you to try out the Beverwedstrijd!