Tto 4

The first half of this school year has felt quite abnormal when compared to the last two and a half years, specifically because it has been so normal: no lockdowns, no online lessons, no face masks, etc. For the students of tto 4 this meant that for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic they were able to participate in the international exchange programs with our three partner schools. In the course of September our students travelled to Mumbai (India), Fulda (Germany) and Tarragona (Spain). For a week long they were immersed in the local culture while living with host families and visiting the schools of their host students. They brought back lasting memories with them and hopefully also lasting friendships!

Back at school the students of tto 4 had to get used to life in the ‘upperforms.’ This of course requires more discipline, independent work, perseverance than was needed in the first three years. For most students this has been a smooth transition while others have found this to be quite challenging. Together with the tutors of tto 4 we are doing our utmost best to support all of the students in their transition into the last three years of the tto program.

Tto 5

A return to normalcy has also meant that students in tto 5 can participate in two international activities that have been difficult or impossible the last few years, namely the international internship and the travel week trip in March. A few students have already completed their internships in, among other places, the UK and Kenya. Many more students have something planned for the spring, while others still need to finalize their internship plans. We are very much looking forward to hearing about all of their adventures this year and wish them all the best of luck!

A big change in our travel week program this year is that all of the students in tto 5 atheneum will travel together as one group. In the week of March 13th – 17th these students will spend a week in England exploring both the nature and cities in the southern part of the country! There is an extremely enthusiastic and committed group of colleagues busy planning the trip and have also enlisted 6 students from tto 5 to help them in this. I am convinced it will be a very rewarding and educational week for all those involved with hopefully not too much of that typical English weather!

Tto 6

For our exam students the final chapter of their time at the RLO has begun. This has meant working hard and preparing themselves for the first round of school exams which came in October, the week before the autumn break. After a demanding week of exams and a well-deserved break, we were so happy that our exam students were able to have the travel experiences in the first week of November that they were denied last March. That week students from tto 6, vwo 6 and havo 5 travelled all over Europe and had an incredible time with their classmates and teachers. And everyone came back safe and sound, for which we are always very grateful.

Soon after the winter break the exam students will have another round of exams and then it’s on to period 3, their last full period of lessons at the RLO. Before we know it these students will be taking their place in the gymnasium in May to sit their final exams, the final chapter in their long journeys at the Rijnlands!

To all of our students, their families, our teachers and the whole staff of the RLO, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely holiday season and a happy and healthy 2023!

Jesse Torgersen,
afdelingsleider tto bovenbouw